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an exhibition of new art for Lent

at St Michael's, Discoed,nr Presteigne.


Fourteen artists draw lots for the verse to inspire their work.


' ... The Betrayal of Judas ( Which One? )  by Jane Tudge is 12 dimly lit wine cups on a night-black background.  It hangs defiantly, challenging us to identify the cup of the traitor and make judgement ... At first, the cups seem indistinguishable from each other, but, as one looks, it is clear how the artist has subtly changed the way the light falls on each one ...'




by Katy Hounsell-Roberts 

journalist writing on Arts and Culture for Church times, Catholic Life, Catholic Herald and the Stage.


Church Times, March 2013



'One of you is going to betray me, 'which of them', 'which one' 'who is it', 'the one', and 'it was night'. These were the words that I kept coming back to. So, one out of the twelve; but no-one could tell which. Only Christ knew.


For me, objects can be signifiers for people.  And for me, a glass of red wine would be my last supper. And The Last Supper featured wine.  I give you a glass for each disciple, out of context, save for a nod to the dark night.  Each superficially the same, nothing marking out the one, for who are we to know or judge?

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